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Okuma Tesoro Star Drag Reels

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Okuma Tesoro Star Drag Reels
Okuma Tesoro Star Drag Reels
Okuma Tesoro Star Drag Reels
Okuma Tesoro Star Drag Reels
Okuma Tesoro Star Drag Reels
Okuma Tesoro Star Drag Reels
Okuma Tesoro Star Drag Reels
Okuma Tesoro Star Drag Reels
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Okuma Tesoro Star Drag Reels
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The Tesoro star drag reels were designed with the latest technology and insight from the leading fishermen in the industry. The Tesoro features 6061-T6 machined aluminum frame, side plates, and spool as well as our MSS: Mechanical Stabilizing System for a zero flex platform keeping all key components aligned, and running smoothly. With its 17-4 grade, self lubricating, stainless steel helical cut gearing, and multi-disc Carbonite drag system bathed in Cal’s drag grease, this reel runs silent and smooth.

The Tesoro star drag reels packs its strength and technology into 5,  10 and 12 size reels. All three sizes contain five total corrosion resistant bearings that are bathed in TSI oil for the ultimate in free spool. The Carbonite drag system puts out a fish stopping 22lbs of drag.  Both sizes of the Tesoro feature a high speed 6.2:1 gear ratio.

The key features on the Tesoro star drag reel include the CRC: Corrosion-Resistant Coating process to help defend against any corrosion build up. The Tesoro features an aluminum swept handle that reduces wobble while cranking and an ergo grip soft touch handle knob for all day cranking. 


  • High Speed 6.2:1 gear ratio
  •  6061-T6 machined aluminum frame, sideplate and spool
  •  17-4 grade stainless steel helical cut gearing
  •  Multi-disc Carbonite drag system with Cal’s drag grease
  •  CRC: Corrosion-Resistant Coating Process
  • Swept aluminum star for increased ergonomics
  •  Anodized aluminum swept handle reduces wobble while cranking
  •  4BB+1RB corrosion resistant bearings, spool bearing with TSI oil
  •  Ergo grip handle knob with anodized aluminum handle arm
  •  Dual anti-reverse (mechanical and roller bearing)
  •  XL Gearing: Drop down gear box
  •  Quick-Set ant-reverse bearing allows for zero back play in handle
  •  MSS: Mechanical Stabilizing System for increased durability
  •  Self-lubricating gear system, all models
  •  Tesoro reels are backed by a 3-year limited warranty


TSR-10S 4HPB + 1RB 495/50 6.2:1 320/25 (0.40), 245/30(0.45),150/40 (0.54) 46" 22-LBS 19 Right Hand
TSR-12S 4HPB + 1RB 475/65 6.2:1 405/25 (0.40), 295/30 (0.45), 185/40 (0.54) 46" 22-LBS 19.2 Right Hand
TSR-5NS 4HPB + 1RB 350/40 , 250/60 6.2:1 415/15 (0.30), 305/20 (0.35), 220/25 (0.40) 39" 20-LBS 15.7 Right Hand
TSR-5S 4HPB + 1RB 465/50 6.2:1 355/20(0.35), 245/25(0.40), 205/30(0.45) 39” 20-LBS  16.6 Right Hand


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