Fish-Field Thumper Tail Swimbait 9''

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Daring Herring
Bottom Dollar
Ling Candy
Acid Zombie
Bass Basher
Glow Ghost
Spotted Blueback
Redtail Wrecker
Slay Day
Blood Tail
Sea Trout
Captain America

Fish-Field Thumper Tail Swimbait 9'' - @

Fish-Field Swimbaits feature a solid body construction with a big paddle tail that produces a wounded fish vibration throughout the water column. Cast and retrive, jig it up and down or even slow-troll to produce strikes. You will catch more Tuna, Salmon, Lingcod, Rockfish, Trophy Trout, Musky, small and largemouth bass with FISH-FIELD'S swimbaits on the end of your line.