Pautzke Trout Eggs - 8oz

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Pautzke Trout Eggs-

Never stress about not having fresh trout again! Pautzke’s new Trout Eggs look, feel, smell and taste like real trout eggs, because they are just that – REAL TROUT EGGS! Trout Eggs are not intended for single egg use, rather best when tied in Atlas Mike’s Spawn Netting with Magic or Miracle Thread.

Pautzke Trout eggs contain shells of eggs, may milk slightly in the jar and have other natural imperfections as they would have coming straight out the fish. These eggs may be dyed, cured or prepared  to your preference. These eggs have been preserved but not cured.

– No Refrigeration Necessary
– Harvest Fewer Fish
– Uncured, Preserved Real Trout Eggs
– Perfect For Tying Spawn Sacks