Jackall Bling 55 Crank Baits

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Jackall Lures are designed using the latest technology in the fishing industry. Proto type baits are designed using a computer to generate a three dimensional image of the lure, which are then created by a machine that can shape the bait at lightning speed. This allows Jackall to design and test more baits faster, getting the lures to the customers and out on the water quicker. With their sophisticated technology, cutting edge materials, and unsurpassed designs, their lures take fishing to the next level. Jackall's Bling 55 Crank Baits take all this engineering to a new level, creating a powerhouse hard bait. With fast action and a weight transfer system, these flat-sided crank baits come in multiple colors.


Jackall Length Weight Class Depth
Bling 55  2.2" 5/16oz  Floating 4ft