Gamakatsu Big River Bait Open Eye - Value Pack

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Gamakatsu Big River Bait Open Eye - Value Pack-

The reception to Gamakatsu’s Big River Bait Hook has been so strong that angler’s immediately began asking for a siwash-style hook they could use on their spinners, spoons and plugs for salmon. The answer…Gamakatsu’s Big River Open Eye Siwash. This fast penetrating hook holds better than conventional hook designs. And when fished barbless (which requires pinching the barb down), it’s the best barbless hook you’ll find. The unique Big River hook design locks fish in place when hooked. Forged for exceptional strength and built Gamakatsu sharp the Big River Open Eye Siwash is sure to make great lures even better. Available in Nickle Silver Black (NSB) finish for corrosion resistance.


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