Fishing Butlers - Rod Ties

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Small Fishing Butlers.

Great for keeping your fishing rods organized.  Two in a package, simply lock one fishing butler to the top of your fishing rod and one to the bottom for a nice secure closure.

4 mm high density foam helps prevent fishing butlers from scratching or denting your fishing rod and if they should fall in the water, they float! 

Hang your fishing rods up when not in use for extra safety.

There simply is no better way than the fishing butlers to keep your fishing rods safe and ready to go.

Medium Fishing Butlers

A bigger fishing butler means more jobs the fishing butler is able to do. 

Not only great on fishing rods and multiple fishing rods, but they can also be used on paddles and oars, ratchet straps, skis, poles, extension cords, hoses, ropes, tools, pet food bags, and probably a million other items as well.

Large Fishing Butlers

Large Fishing Butlers are large enough to manage all your outdoor gear.  Great for camping, ATVing, Hunting, Hiking, etc.

Use for tie downs on ATV's, boats, canoes, kayaks and back packs.