FISH-FIELD Vinyl Coated Crab Pots

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  • 30 X 30 X 10"
  • About 27lb
  • PVC/Vinyl Coated
  • Heavy Duty
  • Welded Entrance and Escape Doors
  • Double Flipping Gates on each Entrance
  • 4 Harness Rings Welded
  • CA, OR and WA States Regulation Allowed - 2 of 4 1/4 inch "escape rings" attached to the top of crab pot frame. 
  • Color- Dark Green

Fish-Field Vinyl Coated Crab Pots are designed for the best catching result. Hand-welded from solid steel with PVC/Vinyl coating for the durability in the saltwater. Dimensions 30 x 30 x 10" with 3 entrances. The entrances are specially designed at the enlarged size with 2 flipping gates on each entrance. This design will allows crab moving in quicker without blocking the entrance. 2 Escape doors at the size of 4 1/4 inch which meet the shellfish regulation for CA, OR and WA. Each Pot weight is about 27lb which allows both ocean and bay area harvesting purposes. 4 harness rings welded for easy snap on/off crab harness. Crab pots can sit into the harness rings without coming off while boats driving. Color - Dark green. Catch more crab with Fish-Field crab pots!