Fish-Field Surf & Jetty Fishing Bag

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Designed specifically for surf and jetty anglers, these bags solve the problems of how to carry your fish and keep them fresh! Light weight, durable, and saltwater resistant with clear PVC construction on one side to allow easy viewing of your catch and protection from sharp fins. The outside is made of super strong PVC coated mesh allowing for water flow, drainage and easy cleaning. This system allows your fish to remain alive and fresh while fishing and will hold several inches of water to keep your catch alive longer even when ocean waves don't cover your fish. Equipped with a strong, nylon adjustable shoulder strap designed to fit all anglers and fishing conditions. 

Bag Size: 16 inch wide and 20 inch deep.

Our new version of the Surf Bag, has stronger seams and includes three pockets on the outside - allowing you to store needed tools, tackle, and line!

Designed by Haibin at Fish-Field. Be safe and enjoy the fun of fishing!