Daiwa Harrier-X Jigging Rods

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We manufactured a versatile jigging rod destined to be a part of your saltwater arsenal, the HARRIER X. It is a multi-purpose rod designed for the hottest new techniques in jigging with flutter and knife-type jigs as well as traditional treble hook jigs. In southeast and northeast fisheries, ideal for all types of bottom fish jigging. In northwest fisheries, perfect when jigging for halibut, lingcod and rockfish. 

The HVF Carbon Technology constructed blank is lighter and stronger than conventional materials, well suited for the demands of coastal fishing. The blank is tough, durable and light in the hand. The X-45 Bias blank material resists twisting making the rod load up evenly resulting in a more powerful bend. The Fuji Tangle-Free K-Guides with Alconite Rings are durable and pay out line freely.

The innovative guide design rarely hangs up the line, even tougher to manage, braid. The sturdy EVA Grip provides a sure, strong hold on the rod. The FUJI Backstop Reel Seat keeps the connection to the rod strong and won't loosen during regular use. Available with a light, yet strong graphite built GRC Butt Cap that lightens the rod without compromising strength.

A convenient Hook keeper provides a safe place to hook the jig. A 5-Year Limited Warranty backs up the quality construction. If you are looking for a hot new jigging rod with the latest components, design and innovation, make sure you test drive the multi-purpose HARRIER X jigging stick, a front runner in rods designed for this highly popular technique.



A new guide material designed to meet the performance demands of Fuji's premier K-Series guides, Fazlite has excellent hardness, thermal conductivity and bend strength. Fazlite guides have a beautiful deep blue color, are braid-proof, rod-locker tough and smooth as silk.


Light, strong and true to the famous brands reputation for quality and class, Fuji reel seats deliver on performance and value.


Through the use of nano resin control technology in the blank construction process, Nanoplus allows for increased graphite density to be achieved within a graphite rod blank.

Model Action Power Length Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Guides Type
HRX58HB H R 5'8" 1 65-120lbs 100-250g 7 Conventional
HRX58XHB XH R 5'8" 1 65-150lbs 120-300g 7 Conventional
HRX58XXHB XXH R 5'8" 1 80lbs Infinity Braid 120-350g 7 Conventional
HRX66MB M R 6'6" 1 30-65lbs 50-160g 9 Conventional
HRX66MHB MH R 6'6" 1 50-100lbs 80-200g 9 Conventional
HRX66HB H R 6'6" 1 65-120lbs 100-250g 9 Conventional
HRX70MB M R 7'0" 1 30-65lbs 50-160g 10 Conventional
HRX70MHB MH R 7'0" 1 50-100lbs 80-200g 10 Conventional
HRX70HB H R 7'0" 1 65-120lbs 100-250g 10 Conventional
HRX58HS H R 5'8" 1 65-120lbs 100-250g 6 Spinning
HRX58XHS XH R 5'8" 1 65-150lbs 120-300g 6 Spinning
HRX66MS M R 6'6" 1 30-65lbs 50-160g 7 Spinning
HRX66MHS MH R 6'6" 1 50-100lbs 80-200g 7 Spinning
HRX66HS H R 6'6" 1 65-120lbs 100-250g 7 Spinning
HRX70MS M R 7'0" 1 30-65lbs 50-160g 8 Spinning
HRX70MHS MH R 7'0" 1 50-100lbs 80-200g 8 Spinning
HRX70HS H R 7'0" 1 65-120lbs 100-250g 8 Spinning