Bobber Down Jigs

Bobber Down Tickle Tail Salmon Jigs

Color Pattern
TT-01 Pink & Purple
TT-02 Shrimp & White
TT-03 Black & Red
TT-04 Chartreuse & Black
TT-05 Chartreuse & Blue
TT-06 Pink & White
TT-07 "2 Sexy"
TT-08 Chartreuse & White
TT-09 Shrimp & Chartreuse
TT-10 Cerise & Red
TT-11 Cerise & Black
TT-12 Red & White
TT-13 "4 Pinks"
TT-14 Cerise & Org
TT-15 Pink & Flo-Blue
TT-16 Cerise & Flame
TT-17 Hot Pink & Peach
TT-18 "Sunset"
TT-19 Blue & White
TT-20 Peach & Purple

Bobber Down Tickle Tail Salmon Jigs


Hand-Tied in USA

Weight: 1/2oz

Same Great jigs as the 'Salmon Marabou' but with painted heads. Each head has a 3X strong 4/0 hook and has 2 layers of paint baked on and a additional topcoat of super durable clear baked on again! 6 to 8 feathers have been used making these proven color patterns a premium product.