Silver Horde

Silver Horde Coho Killer Lure

Neon Purple Spatter
Neon Flame Spatter Back
Neon Blue Spatter Back
Silver Blue Freckle Back
UV "Silver Knight" Chartreuse/Black Dots
UV "Silver Knight" "White Dots"
UV "Silver Knight" "Wonder Bread"
UV "Silver Knight" "Green Dots"
UV "Silver Knight" "Black Dots"
Glow/Mother Of Pearl
Glow/Green Pickle
"Red Racer" Glow/Green/Red
Glow/Army Truck
Glow "Purple Cop Car"
Glow "Cop Car"
Glow/Albino Frog
UV "Silver Knight Green Spatter"
UV "Silver Knight Lucky Charm"
UV "Silver Knight" Blue Chartreuse Dots
UV "Silver Knight Flame Spatter"
UV "Silver Knight Green-Black Spatter"
UV "Silver Knight" "Watermelon"
Chrome/Glow Chartreuse Spatter Back
Chrome/Glow Green Spatter Back
UV "Silver Knight" "Yellow Tail"
Chrome/Glow Green
Chrome/Glow Army Truck
Black/Chart./Pink Dots "Buckberry Muffin"
UV "Silver Knight Blue Spatter"
Glow /Green/Chartreuse/Black
UV/Glow Green Two Face
UV/Glow Purple Two Face
UV/Glow Black Two Face
UV Silver Knight Herring Aide
UV Silver Knight Cookies "N" Cream
"Super Trooper" Black/Green/White
"Cop Car" Black/White/Silver Scale
Glow/Green/Cop Car
Red/Cop Car
Green/Cop Car
Blueberry Muffin
Super Chicken
Blue Chicken
Glow "Yellow Tail"
Copper/Red Tape
Gold/Green Spectra Tape
Purple/Cop Car
Glow/Pink Spatter Back
Glow/UV "Not-Cho-Cheez" Ghost Spatter Back
Glow/Flame Spatter Back
Glow/Chartreuse Spatter Back
Glow/Circus Spatter Back
Glow/Green Spatter Back
Glow/Blue Spatter Back
Glow/UV Green Spatter Back Red Racer
Marine Trader
Glow T-Rex
Glow/UV Holiday Red Racer
Glow/UV "Acid Bath"
Glow/UV "Wicked Herring"
Harbor Chandler 2016 Custom #11 Glow Black-Green Edge
Harbor Chandler 2016 Custom #12 Glow Black-Green Edge Fishscale
Harbor Chandler 2016 Custom #13 Glow Black-Flame Edge
Harbor Chandler 2016 Custom #14 Glow Black-Flame Edge Fishscale
"EX" Mother Of Pearl
"Resurrection" Glow/UV Purple/Green Spatter
"Flame Easter Egg" EX Double Glow
"Irish Cream" Glow/UV

Silver Horde Coho Killer Lure-

The Silver Horde® Coho Killer Spoon features an ultrarealistic 3D eye and fluttery, lifelike action. The combination perfectly mimics a vulnerable baitfish, triggering aggressive strikes. Rigged with a single hook.

  • Ultrarealistic 3D eye