Pro-Troll ProFlash Lighted Flashers

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Pro-Troll ProFlash Lighted Flashers-

Following three years of testing and development, Pro-Troll has developed a lighted flasher series.  The ProFlash PC11 lighted flasher features the patented kicker fin on the back for more flasher action, with the added advantage of a water activated flashing light!

These 11 inch flashers can be trolled as slow as one mile per hour and it still kicks and spins.  The flasher is made of ABS plastic with Pro-Troll's stainless "Easy Spin" ball bearing swivels on both ends. Contains the Pro-Troll Electronic EChip for more strikes.

  • Kicker fin provides an eratic roll for more attraction
  • Works successfully as slow as 1 MPH to catch those big hogs late in the season
  • Has the kicking power to run spoons and large bait rigs behind the flasher
  • EChip attraction for more hookups
  • This is the latest high-tech Pro-Troll development. You will be amazed with the flashing light results!