Pautzke Fire Corn


Pautzke Fire Corn-

Pautzke’s scented and pre-dyed Fire Corn takes the guesswork out of home curing and saves you time and money by delivering the world’s only real fishing corn. Fire Corn comes pre-colored, pre-scented and pre-cooked to ensure it lasts years right out of the jar. It’s tantalizing colors and strong scent properties make it like candy to trout, panfish and kokanee, and comes in five fish-catching colors. Whether tipping baits when trolling for kokanee, drifting it down a stream for trout, piercing on jigs and spoons through the ice for trout or dangling under a bobber when targeting panfish, Fire Corn has an endless number of uses for multiple fish species.

Specifically designed to target Kokanee

One of Dad Pautzke’s favorite recipes has just been transformed into the most effective Kokanee bait on the water – Fire Corn®. This multi colored line-up has been cured with our new Krill scent through our patented cooking process, giving it that “Dominant Edge” every angler needs.

Weight 1.75 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2.5 in
Pautzke Fire Corn

Red, Pink, Natural, Yellow, Chartreuse