Gamakatsu Single Egg Snelled Red Hooks


Gamakatsu Single Egg Snelled Red Hooks 

The Gamakatsu Single Egg Snelled Hook is a small egg hook attached to a leader line by way of a snelled knot on the the hook's shank. The snelled version of the single egg hook come with a small monofilament leader line for ease of use when rigging up or switching hooks. The Gamakatsu Single Egg Hook is ideal for trout fishing with prepared baits due to its small size and sharp hook point. The small egg hook matches up perfectly with a single salmon egg, small worm or a ball of powerbait when fishing for trout. Each pack comes with 10 hooks. The chart below lists the monofilament line size that corresponds to the hook size.

  • Hook Size: - 14 Line Size: - 2lb
  • Hook Size: - 12 Line Size: - 2lb
  • Hook Size: - 10 Line Size: - 3lb
  • Hook Size: - 8 Line Size: - 4lb
  • Hook Size: - 6 Line Size: - 4lb