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A unique technique where fishing from a boat positioned at the head of a good run, you drop a bait rig to the bottom and slowly feed line out as you bounce it along the bottom, back toward the fish in the middle of their holding water. It forces them to react and that’s why back-bouncing is so effective. When they engulf the bait and all but jerk the rod out of your hands, sensitivy isn't critical, but more times than not, they just swim up behind the bait, hold it for a moment, crushing the eggs and if you're not on top of things, just let go. You need a rod that is light, powerful and sensitive. Thanks to our IMX technology, you get all that in one incredible package.... it's the ultimate in back-bouncing rods!

Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Power Action Price
12224-01 IMX 964C BBR 8' C 1 12 - 25 1 - 6 Med-Heavy Fast $345
12225-01 IMX 965C BBR 8' C 1 15-30 2-8 Heavy Fast $355