Fish-Field Tornado Spin Sinker


Fish-Field Tornado Spin Sinker-@

Fish-Field Tornado Spin Sinkers are made under one-piece no failure design. Constructed with high quality Tornado Chain Swivels for the best spin and trolling purposes. Anti-Rust hardware give the Tornado Spin Sinker much longer life for your fishing needs.  


Size  Test LB QTY per Pack
1/2oz 55LB 1pc
3/4oz 55LB 1pc
1.0oz 80LB 1pc
1.5oz 80LB 1pc
2.0oz 80LB 1pc
3.0oz 80LB 1pc
4.0oz 80LB 1pc
6.0oz 100LB 1pc
8.0oz 100LB 1pc