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Nomad Design DTX Minnow Sinking 200 - 8"

Bleeding Mullet
Black Pink Mackerel
Chartreuse Orange Mackerel
Fireball Redhead
Gold Glow
Hot Purple Glow
Hot Pink Mackerel
Mack Tuna
Nuclear Coral Trout
Orange Mackerel
Purple Fusilier
Pink Lava
Pink Mackerel
Silver Green Mackerel
Spanish Mackerel
White Glow

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Nomad Design DTX Minnow Sinking 200 - 8"-

DTX Minnow 8" -  Dives to 40ft at up to 12kn troll speed and Guaranteed to swim straight thanks to the Patent Pending Autotune system. Super Strong Full wire Construction. 

Fitted with 2 x 11/0 Inline Heavy Duty Single Hooks and Super Strong Rings.

*Limited edition new Colors Now Available - HPG, WHOO and PL. Note that HPG & GG colors feature UV Glow Stripes*

The ultimate offshore trolling Minnow. Ideal for wahoo, tuna, mahi mahi, kingfish, yellowtail, striped bass, grouper or big salmon. The DTX 200 can be trolled up to 12kn and will reach a depth of 40ft+. It has a great action trolled as slow as 4kn and will reach 40ft even at slow speeds.

The DTX Minnow is a revolution in trolling minnows, featuring the Nomad Autotune, Hydrospeed, Diamond Armour and Gorilla Through Wire advanced design technology. The Autotune design provides for 2 key features– maximum diving depth, and the ability to ensure the lure swims straight.
The other key feature of the Autotune system is the amazing diving depth that can be achieved. The ability of the system to perfectly centre itself every time on the bib means that the towpoint can be designed to be as far back on the bib as possible, effectively just forwards of the point where the lure becomes unstable and won’t swim. However, having the towpoint as close to this “point of not swimming” is what achieves maximum diving depth, but it can only be done with a perfectly centred towpoint using the Autotune system.