Atlas Mike's Brite & Tight Herring Cure Formula

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Atlas Mike's Brite & Tight Herring Cure Formula 

Atlas Mike's Brite & Tight Herring Formula Cure - It is widely known by salmon anglers that brined herring hold up better and catch more fish then herring that have not been brined. With the Brite & Tight cure by Atlas Mike's you will immediately notice a difference as your brined herring attract more salmon better then any other option out there. Just open the bottle and pour the formula in to a bag or container with your herring and let is soak overnight. With the UV enhancement that is included in the Brite & Tight formula you will get better visibility out of your brined baits. Use this formula on herring, shrimp, prawns, anchovies, minnows, crayfish, alewife and much more.

  • Size: 31oz bottle
  • UV enhanced
  • Pre-mixed formula