Yo-Zuri 3DS MINNOW 70(SP) 70MM 2-3/4"

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Yo-Zuri 3DS MINNOW 70(SP) 70MM 2-3/4"-

The 3DS Minnow is a tournament-level hardbait that has a tight wiggle action when fished with a straight retrieve. This flat-sided bait, when fished in a twitch-pause-retrieve style, produces an erratic action unlike any other jerkbait. The molded-in pectoral fins and available Internal 3D Prism Finish (select models) add to the lifelike appearance of this bait, which produces incredible reaction strikes. This particular version is 2-3/4” in size, imitating a smaller injured baitfish, which some anglers refer to as a “Bite-Starter.” This 3DS is offered in both fresh and saltwater color patterns.