Yakima Bait

Yakima Bait Mag Lip 4.0

Clown Shoes (CLSH)
California Watermelon (CWTM)
Fire Starter (DCRRT)
Double Deuce (DOU)
Double Trouble (DT)
Eradicator (ERAD)
Feeder (FEED)
Fishmonger (FISHM)
Fluorescent Red (FLR)
Cow Girl (FLRCT)
Fickle Pickle (FP)
Glo Dill Pickle (GDP)
Gold Double Trouble (GDT)
Good Ol' Boy
Grinch (GRIN)
Hammer Time (HAM)
Jaw Breaker (JAW)
Keeper (KEEP)
Luminous Chartreuse Black Tiger (LCBT)
Pay Day (MCORW)
Mad Clown (MDCL)
Metallic Silver Blue Scale (MSBS)
Metallic Silver Chartreuse (MSCH)
Metallic Silver (MSIL)
Princess (MSPT)
Cream Puff (PLCPT)
Pearl Pink (PLPK)
Pacific Watermelon (PWTM)
Searcher (SEA)
Thumper (THP)
Metallic Chartreuse Grinch

Yakima Bait Mag Lip 4.0

Worden's Mag Lip combines the original, slow-troll FlatFish action with a number of totally unique design features. A new lip design allows the Mag Lip to dive up to 18 feet without the addition of weights or divers while still allowing it to swim at the slowest of trolling or retrieval speeds. Yet in current, the Mag Lip holds its line. Available in a painted lip, the Mag Lip comes in 30 Ultraviolet colors and is built tough in finishes designed specifically for Salmon. 

4.0" length - size 2 heavy duty treble hook - diving depth 18 ft.* 

*Diving depth depends on current speed, line diameter and amount of let-out.