VIP Outdoors #3.5 Cascade Spinner With Hoochie - 2 Pack

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VIP Outdoors #3.5 Cascade Spinner With Hoochie - 2 Pack-

Double pink Tip- Trans pink squid , STX45#1 Owner Hook

Bam - Candy Chartreuse front and back red/green tips Pink Squid, STX45#1 Owner Hook

Slump Buster- 

Custom 3.5 cascade hex 1/2 pearl, 1/2 red with candy pink back blade ,Premium components ,#1 ST46 needle point hook

The GOAT - Candy Chartreuse base with half pink and a green dot Blade, Clear Pink Squid, Owner STX 45 #1 Hook

Dirty Randi- Custom 3.5 cascade spinner blade (Two side Paint), Premium components, #1, st46 2x strong hook

Cotton Candy- Premium VIP Outdoors 3.5 Cascade Pearl pink dot front and Candy pink back, Premium components/squid,  ST58 Owner 3x strong hook