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Vip Outdoors

VIP #3.5 CA whip Salmon Spinner - 2 Pack


 2pc in a Pack

"Slump Buster” whip- 3.5 Cascade Blade, Red/white with candy pink back 

“Taffy” Whip- 3.5 Cascade Blade, Candy pink/ flo pink with blue dot 

“Dirty Randi” Whip- 3.5 Cascade Blade, Flo Pink, purple dot with candy pink back

“Cotton Candy” Whip- 3.5 Cascade Blade, Pearl, pink dot front, candy pink back

“Bright Idea” Whip- 3.5 Cascade Blade, Chart Green dot front with Candy pink Back

"Sea Hawk" Whip- 3.5 Cascade Blade

"Tijuana" Whip- 3.5 Cascade Blade



Premium Squid

80# swivel

Owner 3/0 Siwash Hook.



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