Trapper Tackle

Trapper Tackle Drop Shot Hooks


Trapper Tackle Drop Shot Hooks-

The Trapper Tackle Dropshot Hooks are part of the new Trapper Hook line up, winners of the 2016 ICAST Best of Show Terminal Tackle Award. Designed to improve both bait and fish retention, the new Trapper Tackle Drop Shot Hooks allow you to make more casts and land more fish thanks to their patented Trapper Box design. Perfect for natural, artificial and even live baits, the Trapper Box design locks your bait in its proper position so you need to re-rig less and can spend more time making perfect presentations. The patented design also makes it more difficult for fish to throw the hook, and sticky sharp Piercing Points help deliver rock solid hooksets. A great choice for drop shot rigs and wacky rigs, re-rig less and catch more fish with the Trapper Tackle Dropshot Hooks.

Make More Casts

-Holds live bait, natural and artificial lures better
-Re-rigging less means more time fishing
-Improved bait retention means more presentations that trigger strikes

Land More Fish

-Sticky sharp Piercing Point for rock solid hook sets
-Patented design is difficult for fish to throw
-Improved hook set and landing ratios

Quantity 6 per package