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Simon Kokanee Dodger 3.5 & 4.0

Moon Jelly
Chart Moon Jelly with Pink Crackle
Orange Moon Jelly with Pink Crackle
Chart Moon Jelly
Moon Jelly with Blue Crackle
Pink Moon Jelly with Crackle
Orange Moon Jelly
Pink Moon Jelly

Simon Kokanee Dodger 3.5 & 4.0

The Simon Dodger 01 is the same old size as our dodgers of the past but now in our all new weight with our custom blue goo tape design. A Kokanee killer for sure!!

The Simon Dodger 02 in the original dodger size but with new weight accompanied with our chartreuse moon jelly and crackle custom tape is a must have for any tackle box.

The Simon Dodger 03 3.5 with the custom orange moon jelly with crackle tape is an eye catcher for both fish and fisherman and has proven to be a deadly pattern on Kokanee and trout. Teamed with a baby Simon, Trolling Fly, or Hoochie its deadly!

The all new Simon Dodger 04 3.5 with the custom tape in an eye popping chartreuse moon jelly pattern plated in 99.99% silver is a must have in your arsenal for kokanee and trout.

The All New Simon Dodger 05 3.5 with the custom moon jelly crackle tape is surely going to produce limits when just nothing else will.

The New Simon Dodger 06 3.5 in our custom pink moon jelly with crackle has been top of the list for all of our pro staffers producing limit after limit of kokanee and huge trout all over the country.

The All new Simon Dodger #07 3.5 In the straight orange custom moon jelly is a definite must for any serious Kokanee or Trout Fisherman.

The All New Simon Dodger #08 3.5 In the original size constructed with the newest dodger material teamed with the best custom hyper UV tape jobs in the industry is a show stopper for any fisherman.

Welded Stainless Steel Rings Barrel Swivels UV Paints & Pigments Hand Painted & Inspected