Pro-Cure Bait Sauces 2oz

Bait Sauce

With the introduction of the new Super Gels, the role for Bait Sauce has become very specific. When cut 50 / 50 with the appropriate bait oil it is perfect for injection, and it also sticks better to slimy baits such as night crawlers, worms and leeches. Many anglers inject their baits with bait oils only, but mixing oils with the Bait Sauce adds so much more to your baits. Unlike oils, Bait Sauce is made from the whole bait, and because natural baits contain some water, we are able to dissolve all the powdered amino acids that trigger fish to feed. Bait Sauce also leaves a water soluble particle trail in the water, which oils alone do not. Available in 2 oz. squeeze bottles or 8 oz. Guide Size squeeze bottles.


All Bait Sauces are UV Enhanced, plus they are loaded with amino acids that magnify bait flavor and trigger an impulse in a fish's brain to feed. The bottom line is you get more bites by mixing Bait Sauce in your favorite fish oils!