Poulson Cascade Tackle

Poulsen Cascade Tackle Half Fast Arrow Flash Dodgers

50/50 Brass
Belted Chart Fire Pearl
Belted Pink Pearl
Brass/Hot Green/Moon Bubbles
Brass/Hot Orange/Moon Bubble
Brass/Hot Pink/Moon Bubbles
Flame Chart Wings
Flame Net Wings
Flame Rocket
Lemon Lime Flame Rocket
Moon Glow Center - Gold
Moon Glow Center - Silver
Hot Pink Net Wings
Silver/Pink Candy/Moon Bubbles

Arrow Flash Dodgers

Arrow flash dodgers combine maximum flash, including UV, with a wide wash action that not only draws fish into the strike zone, but also adds an enticing action to the bait or lure itself.   Arrow flash dodgers work well even at the slowest trolling speed or river currents.

These quality dodgers are 4.25” long and almost 3” wide and with US made swivels and stainless steel split rings. They are great for most game fish, but are especially effective for Kokanee.