Oregon Tackle

Oregon Tackle Mini-School Of Fish Flasher Rig


Oregon Tackle Mini-School Of Fish Flasher Rig-

To be trolled slowly or at higher speeds, The School-of Mini Fish, can be a great tool for a variety of fish. From Albacore and Tuna, as well as Salmon, Kokanee, Walleye and most other predatory fish, Even Chinook. Using a fairly short leader, just tie in whatever bait or lure is working for you, and let the School-Of-Fish go to work.

  • 3.5" Arms
  • Foam Head
  • Fish flicker in the water like real bait fish
  • Real eyes design
  • Etched scales for life like vision
  • Perfect for downrigger fishing
  • Flashing blades and scent chambers are easily interchangeable
  • Made in USA