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Oregon Tackle

Oregon Tackle #4 Bottle .175 Slinky Maker Fishing Weight

Oregon Tackle #4 Bottle .175 Slinky Maker Fishing Weight-

The Slinky Maker Lead Shot, from Oregon Tackle, is intended to be used to make slinky weights commonly utilized for steelhead drift fishing. The Slink Maker Lead Shot enables anglers to save an enormous amount of time, effort, and money. Complete control of the size and weight of the slinker is one of the hidden benefits of making your own slinky weights. Slinkies made to the variant conditions of rivers that “you” intend to fish rather than having them generally manufactured means that leaders will get down to fish as fast or as slow as you want them to. Homemade slinkies can be loose or tight and will still perfectly function by “slinking” over and around almost any structure. This one tiny insignificant little tip can increase the amount of hookups by many factors making you king of the river as every other person “not” using slinkies wonders what you’re using to fish the same water and not get snagged up.


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