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Nomad Design Madscad 150 Sinking - 6"

Amber Ghost Shad
Black Pink Mackerel
Chartreuse Orange Mackerel
Fireball Redhead
Holo Ghost Shad
Natural Mullet
Mack Tuna
Silver Green Mackerel
Spanish Mackerel
White Glow

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Nomad Design Madscad 150 Sinking - 6"-

An amazing casting and trolling bait. Cast it at Tuna, Striped Bass, Grouper or Yellowtail all day. Slow trolled at even 2mph behind a kayak or at up to 6-8kn for kingfish and yellowtail the Madscad 150 is a deadly Trolled Lure. Weighing 2.75oz and featuring matrix metal plate construction fitted with 5/0 BKK inline single hooks.

Often called the most versatile lure in the range, and the lure you would choose to catch the most species. The Madscad 150 is a sinking stickbait that can be worked slow or fast with long or short twitches of the rod tip. A stop start retrieve creates an erratic swimming  action that fish simply cannot resist. It is a long distance casting stickbait ideal for a huge range of species. It can be trolled offshore at up to 8-9kn, or it can be trolled slow behind a kayak. It can be cast into schools of Striped Bass or big Tuna without fear of failure due to the matrix metal plate design. It can be cast for huge cubera snapper in panama or roosterfish, and is truly a must have lure in the Nomad range.