Mepp's Flying C Spinners - Treble Hook

Hot Chart Blade/Hot Chart Sleeve
Glo Pink Blade/Hot Pink Sleeve
Gold Blade/Hot Chart Sleeve
Gold Blade/Hot OR Sleeve
Gold Blade/Hot Pink Sleeve
Gold Blade/Red Sleeve
Rainbow Trout Blade/Hot Pink Sleeve
Silver Blade/Hot Chart Sleeve
Silver Blade/Hot OR Sleeve
Silver Blade/Hot Pink Sleeve
Silver Blade/Red Sleeve
Glo Chart Blade/Hot Chart Sleeve

Mepp's Flying C Spinners - Treble Hook

Casts like a bullet... Drops Quickly... Runs Deep...

Here is the perfect salmon and steelhead lure for the pier or stream fisherman. It is proven in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. The Mepps Flying C is a heavyweight spinner that drops deep and stays deep throughout the retrieve. In fact, it’s one of Mepps deepest running spinners. Its bright fluorescent sleeve acts as a highly reflective attractor. The Flying C comes in two hefty weights: 5/8 oz. and 7/8 oz. Two heavy duty blade sizes: #4 & #5. Bodies are solid brass. Silver blades are genuine silver plate. Gold blades are polished brass. Painted blades are finished with computer age epoxy. All Flying C’s are available with either a perma steel treble or single salmon hook.