Lamiglas Redline Series


In creating these rods, we were dead set on doing what has never been done before. These are not “new” rods with different cosmetics. These are handmade using a completely new production technique and graphite interlace system that simply hasn’t been technically possible until now. The mandrels used to build the blanks were custom made. Several different types of graphite materials and resins were combined to perfect the desired actions. We’ve incorporated composite graphite handles for extreme durability and longevity. The blanks are a beautiful glossy black finish that resists bait stains and cleans up easy. While they’re versatile to cover several different techniques, they’re dialed to perfection for the specific types we’ve identified below. They may be newly available, but we’ve been testing them (aka fishing our butts off) for many months. With help from our pro staff, we’ve worked the Redline HS rods over and brought countless fish to the net. They’ve passed every test we’ve conducted. At Lamiglas, we always fish with confidence. The Redline HS rods raise our confidence to a whole new level.