Hawken Fishing

Hawkin Fishing Woolly Bugger Jigs

Black Hd/Olive
Black Hd/Black-Pink
Black Hd/Red-Black
Pearl Hd/Red-Black
Cerise Hd/Cerise
Orange Hd/Pink-Peach
Pearl Hd/Peach-White
Pink Hd/White
Pearl Hd/White-Pink
Black Hd/Brown
Orange Hd/Orange
Black Hd/Black
Red Hd/Red
Pearl Pink Hd/Pink-White
Cerise Hd/Purple
Flame Hd/Black
Chartreuse Hd/Chartreuse
Black Hd/Ginger
Pearl Hd/Chartreuse
Pearl Hd/Red
Pearl Hd/White

Hawkin Fishing Woolly Bugger Jigs

Our Woolly Bugger Jigs are the most versatile jig we make. The combination of hackle and marabou feathers make it irresistible to salmon, steelhead, trout, and bass. No matter your prey, you will catch more fish more often with Woolly Bugger Jigs

Customized Gamakatsu Hooks with 1/0 Wire Premium Feathers UV & Fluorescent Dyes & Pigments Powder Painted Heads With a Scent Free Finish Unpainted Eyes on Every Jig Hand Tied & Inspected

Come in 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 sized jigs