Hareline UV2 Coastal Deer Hair

Spirit River UV2 Coastal Deer Hair

This hair is great for small dries- comparaduns, sparkle duns and caddis flies. 

The tips of this hair taper to a sharp point and have a short overall length with slightly larger diameter butts. There is still some hollowness to the hair at the tips despite its shortness. Hair with long wispy tips may be usable for larger-sized flies, but on smaller 18s and 20s, where the proportionate wing length becomes much shorter, the wispy tips provide no flotation and do not flare as well as hair with more diameter. The butt ends of Coastal Blacktail Deer hair is a larger diameter so it flares on the shank when you tie it down, spreading the tips in a nice arc across the top of the shank. This helps the fly float better.