Hareline Tiger Barred Magnum Rabbit Strips

Orange Black Over Yellow (Tiger)
Black Orange Over Tan (Cree)
Blue Black Over White (Minnow)
Mahi Green Black Over Chartreuse
Orange Black Over FL Yellow Chartreuse
Hot Orange Black Over White
Hot Pink Brown Over Shrimp Pink
Hot Pink Back Over White
Hot Pink Brown Over Chartreuse
Hot Pink Brown Over Peach
Purple Black Over White
Green Brown Over Olive
Olive Black Over LT Olive
Black Chartreuse Over FL Yellow
Black Purple Over Fuchsia
Black Chartreuse Over White
Black White Tipped Hot Orange
Black Chart Tipped Green Chart
Black Yellow Tipped Hot Orange
Black Hot Orange Tipped FL Hot Pink
Black Alaska Flame
Black Key Lime Baby Blue

Hareline Tiger Barred Magnum Rabbit Strips 

Magnum rabbit strips are 1/4-inch wide rather than the standard 1/8-inch width usually found on most rabbit strips.  The magnum sized strips are perfect for bass, pike, muskie, large saltwater, salmon and any other kind of fly where you want a big profile. They look awesome on flies and amazing in the water.

Each package contains 4 strips approximately 10" in length.

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