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Whether you're trolling, drifting with the tide or motor mooching, you need a rod with a butt-section powerful enough to help you control a large salmon, but soft enough in the upper half of the blank to allow the fish to "mouth" the bait until they are ready to eat it. The strike is very visual and can be difficult to figure out at times. The best bet is to let the salmon strike, mouth the bait and then let him take it. Sometimes, the fish pull the rod tip all the way into the water, other times all you get is slack, but it really doesn't matter... just grab the rod and hang on. Do you really need a rod that's incredibly light and sensitive when it may only be fished from a rod holder? Not really, but when you fight fish all day long you'll really appreciate the light weight and power that IMX delivers. It puts you in total control and takes all the work out of it.

Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Power Action Price
12208-01 IMX 1084-2C SATR 9' B 2 15-30 5/8-6 Heavy Moderate $395
12227-01 IMX 1174-2C SATR 9'9" B 2 15-30 5/8-6 Heavy Moderate $395