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G-Loomis E6X Steelhead Float Rods

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Float fishing for steelhead is not only very effective technique, but it's something even the entry-level angler can figure out quickly. It’s kind of like fishing for bluegill. You have to pay attention to the bobber and focus on maintaining a drag-free drift. Float fishing requires a long, light, responsive rod so you can manage a long drop below the float and cover as much water as you can, but it's most beneficial when you have to set the hook with all that line out. The added benefit of the longer rod is protecting lighter line/leaders. These critters can really put up a fight so you need every advantage you can get. E6X allows us to make them light, responsive and subtly strong. It's advantage angler when you fish this style of rod!!!

Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Power Price
12264-01 E6X 1203-2S STFR 10’ D 6-12 3/8-3/4 Med-Light Fast $239.99

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