G-Loomis E6X Salmon Mooching Rods

$289.99 $202.99

These rods are designed to offer herring or anchovies in a natural presentation by slowly trolling or drifting with the wind or tide. There are three different power-ratings... one for silvers and small kings with two more powerful options to fight big fish. While powerful, their moderate actions provide enough flex to allow the salmon to grab the bait and munch on it for a while before taking it for keeps. Our standard E6X mooching rod is 9-feet long, but to help spread out multiple rigs we offer longer rods to cover more water, handle longer leaders and avoid tangles. Sensitivity isn't a priority for mooching since you use a rod holder, but these rods can be used for drift fishing in the rivers where sensitivity is important and especially when you need more power for deep, swift current and big fish. E6X technology allows us to make them light yet surprisingly strong, a real bonus when the bite is on! All rods feature Fuji guides and reel seats with graphite handles for ease and durability when using a rod holder.

Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Power Action Price
12479-01 E6X 1084-2C SAR GH 9' B 2 10 - 30 1 - 6 Med-Heavy Moderate $289.99
12480-01 E6X 1143-2C SAR GH 9'6" B 2 10 - 20 1/2 - 3 Medium Moderate $289.99
12481-01 E6X 1263-2C SAR GH 10'6" B 2 10 - 20 1/2 - 3 Medium Moderate $299.99
12482-01 E6X 1265-2C SAR GH 10'6" B 2 10 - 40 2 - 8 Heavy Moderate $299.99
12483-01 E6X 1266-2C SAR GH 10'6" B 2 15 - 40 2 - 10 Ex-Heavy Moderate $319.99