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G-Loomis Classic Backbounce Rods

G-Loomis Classic Backbounce Rods-

Backbouncing is a special fishing technique, used primarily by Northwest steelhead and salmon anglers, allowing you to fish a pool or run by using heavy lead to put your bait right on the bottom and, with the help of the current, literally "bounce" your bait along the bottom, keeping it right in the fish's face. The amount of lead is determined by both depth and current velocity. The rod you choose is based on the power necessary to lift the weight off of the bottom and still have sufficient power to set the hook with authority. It requires a heavy-duty rod with a stiff tip because many times the fish are right in the heaviest current and you need a lot of lead, plus the fact that Chinook salmon can weigh in excess of 80 pounds. The technique is normally used by boaters, but in some cases a bank angler can do it, given the right angle and current conditions. Saltwater anglers can also find this method effective for tidal areas. Since the rods are powerful enough to handle the heavy currents and heavy weight, they're stout enough to handle saltwater species, including tarpon, large snook and small grouper.


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