Ray's Bait

Frozen Herring & Anchovy - Case Pack (Local Pickup Only)

Case Bait

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Frozen Herring & Anchovy - Case Pack

Please Read before you order:

Cases of frozen bait are only available for "In Store Pickup" . We do NOT ship. Please Email to reserve a case. If you purchase a case to be shipped and we have to refund you, you will forfeit 3% to cover the processing fees.

Please pick up your order within 3 days after you receive the pick up notice.

Feel free to contact us via email or phone before ordering. 

These frozen bait are usually under Ray's Bait or North King brands, depending on what we can get during the season.

Details of Frozen Bait

Red Label - 12pc on a tray. 56 trays in a Case

Green Label - 10 - 12pc on a tray. 36 trays in a case

Blue Label - 8 - 10pc on a tray. 28 trays in a case

Purple Label - 6 on a tray. 24 trays in a case

Black Label - 6 on a tray. 16 trays in a case

Anchovy - 10 - 12pc on a tray. 40 trays in a case