Fisheng Leader boards


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  • The Jlb-03 is the smallest of the two leader boards and it measures  

    ​3-3/4 X 8 making it work well with smaller hooks and jigs and pre-tied

    ​leaders and it also allows you to pre load your tackle and be organized when

    ​you hit the water.  When used with a Plano 2-3715 you'll have a little extra

    room for your leader spool, swivels, and scissors or whatever you choose.

    ​Leader board fits perfectly into the Plano 2-3715 box.

  • The JLB-04 is the medium-sized board; measuring 5 ¾ X 8 it accommodates


    ​larger hooks and longer leaders. The problem for many of us is


    ​storing long leaders with multiple hooks, well problem solved! The Jig


    ​and leader boards can handle just about anything with a hook


    ​including trebles! From pan fish to walleye, salmon, steelhead and


    ​numerous others species’ this product isn’t fancy or tricky it just flat


    ​works! and it stores easily. Leader board fits perfectly into the Plano 2-3715 box.​


    The JLB-06 was born out of requests from several Great Lakes boat

    Captains they wanted a larger board for big water to hold trolling flies and

    meat rigs and it needed to fit the Plano 2-3731 The New JLB-06 measures a

    hefty 7 ¾ X 13 ½ inches with 17 slots to hold most anything you have.