BNR Tackle

BNR Troutify Bead Paint

White Ice
Purple Haze
Pink Haze
White on White
UV Glo


The newest addition to the BnR Tackle line is here! Troutify is a custom designed bead paint that works on both hard and soft beads. Each one of the paints was developed with input from high level bead painters. The color options allow you to take your bead game to the next level. With this set of colors the custom color optimization options are endless!

The color options include:

White on White: This the perfect color for making a swirl bead or a dead spot bead.

Nekid: The is our take on the nude finishes that are so popular with the nail polish enthusiasts. The tan and shimmer blend provides a whole new layer to your bead.

UV Glo: When you need to increase the visibility of your bead under tough water conditions this is your go to!

White Ice: The color provides both a white base with an added shimmering icing that sparkles under light.

Purple Haze: My favorite paint of all, this is a straight up purple haze that gives the bead that fresh oily look.

Pink Haze: A twist on the purple haze but also with a pink additive that provides a rosy shimmering glo that flat out drives fish crazy.