BNR Tackle

BNR Tackle Soft Beads

Mottled Natural
Pearl Pink
Sweet Pink Cherry
Mottled Pink
Mottled Cerise
Mottled Red
Natural Stinkeye
50/50 Red Roe
Creamsicle Stinkeye
Pink Sheen
NW Steelheaders
Hot Snot
Roe Natural
Roe Light 50/50
Peach Gobbler
Pink Panther
Peach Swirl
Pixie Dust
Scheele Ice
Mean Green
Yeller Roe

BnR Tackle Soft Beads have 3 key feature in comparison to traditional hard beads

Feel/Texture: Soft Beads are soft and have a consistency similar to real eggs which results in a more natural feeling bait that the fish can hold on to longer

Neutral Buoyancy: Soft Beads are engineered to be neutrally buoyant in the water column to give the bead a natural presentation

Versatility: Soft Beads have a hole in them that allows you to be able to switch color/sizes by pulling the bead over the bobber stop, off the end of your hook and replaced by a bead color/size of choice

We recommend fishing the beads above or over a rubber bobber stop as a peg. The use of the bead sleeves (included in pack) will give you a free sliding bead on your leader as well as increase the life of your bead. We do not recommend using toothpicks to peg the soft beads. The placement of a 4-8mm sequin between the bead stop and bead will keep your bead from sliding over the stop in heavier flows.

10 beads, 10 bobber stops, 10 bead sleeves per pack.

Designed in conjunction with Jesse Sampson of Small Stream Outfitters and Willamette Valley Outfitters.