Sandbag Sinker

Sandbag Sinker - Reusable


Hand crafted in Portland Oregon.

Long Lining the Columbia

 The Quick Release Reusable Sandbag Sinker is the most convenient and environmentally friendly way to hold your line in a large body of moving water.

Of course convenience depends on availability of sand or pea gravel on site.

We are "running lines" on the beaches of the lower Columbia river. The rod is stationary, in a rod holder in the sand. 

The fish are perhaps 80 yards out in the cool deep water. You need a very heavy sinker. We paddle the line out with a kayak and drop it into the water where it holds the line perpendicular to the floe of the river. 

When you get a fish on it pulls the pin and the sand is released. The empty bag is retrieved and used again.

Ideal for Channel Cats or Sturgeon or any time you need a very heavy sinker.