Fish-Field Flasher / Dodger / Lure Bag

  • Clear Pockets
  • Quick Roll up Design
  • Easy Drian and Dry
  • Easy Rinse Mesh Back
  • Quick Change Snaps
  • Great for Lures, Rigs, Flashers, Dodgers, Leader Boards and more...


  1. FB01 - Good for 8" trangle flashers, small size leader board and more
  2. FB02 - Good for lures like Cedar Plugs, Tuna Clone, Large Sling Blades, Lead Jigs and more
  3. FB03 - Good for 11" Pro-Troll style flashers, Shortbus Super Series and dodgers.
  4. FB04 - Good for 10" trangle flashers, medium size leader board and more