FISH-FIELD Knotless Crab Pot Blue Bait Bags - Commercial Grade

FISH-FIELD Knotless Crab Pot Bait Bags - Commercial Grade - @
  • Dimensions: 12 x 8"
  • Knotless Design for Easier and Quicker Loading/Removing Crab Bait.
  • Quick Cinch Down Enclose Design for the Efficiency. 
  • Sure Close Rubber Grommet
  • Quick Snap on Stainless Steel Snap
  • Commercial Grade P.E Material for the Durability
  • Blue Color.

Fish-Field Knotless Crab Pot Bait Bags are the improved version which allows easier and quicker to load and remove crab bait. Dimensions is 12 x 8 inch. It comes with a sure close rubber grommet for quick cinching down to enclose the bait bag efficiently. Bag string attached with a quick snap-on stainless steel snap to hold the bag in position. Commercial grade P.E materials for the durability which gives longer usage time. Preferred by both sport and commercial anglers. Color - Blue.