Fish-Field Lead Core Rope


Fish-Field Lead Core Rope is ideal for crabbing. The Lead Core will help the rope sink to keep it off the surface away from passing boats and strong currents.

FFLR10008 Lead Core Rope 5/16"/8mm, 100FT Green/White/Red/Blue
FFLR15008 Lead Core Rope 5/16"/8mm, 150FT Green/White/Red/Blue
FFLR10010 Lead Core Rope 2/5"10mm, 100FT Green/White/Red/Blue
FFLR15010 Lead Core Rope 2/5"10mm, 150FT Green/White/Red/Blue
FFLR10013 Lead Core Rope 1/2"/13mm, 100FT Green/White/Red/Blue
FFLR15013 Lead Core Rope 1/2"/13mm, 150FT Green/White/Red/Blue