Amerman's Steelhead Cure (shaker container)


Most over-the-counter cures are made for salmon and steelhead simply don't like the taste of most of the heavy chemicals, minerals and pheromones used in salmon cures. Steelhead are rainbow trout that go to the ocean and return. They often survive spawning and some even make it back to the ocean to do it all again. Being so different, they crave and require very different chemicals and ingredients to get them to bite. Amerman's steelhead cure uses just the right blend of ingredients to firm up your eggs, increase the fish's strike zone through scent, stimulate the visual strike response in steelhead, and create the taste that steelhead will hold onto and not let go. This cure will help you create the perfect cured eggs for steelhead fishing.

Shaker container of  Amerman steelhead cure (approx 1#).