Amerman's Cured Eggs - Salmon & Steelhead

Cured Eggs
Salmon cured eggs

By mixing the freshest, large skeins of salmon eggs with the Amerman's Secret Salmon formula, we make the perfect salmon fishing bait. Whether you are backbouncing, cast and drifting or bobber fishing, our salmon cured egg will hold up well and the fish will not be able to resist it. A larger diameter egg breaks easier in the mouth of a salmon, making sure that once a fish mouths the bait, it will not want to let go.

Quart jar salmon eggs cured with Amerman salmon cure (approx 2#).

Steelhead cured Eggs

By mixing small tight skein Chinnok eggs with Amerman's Special Steelhead formula, we make a cured egg that will hold up to the heavy casting and heavy currents of steelhead fishing, while having the perfect look and taste the steelhead want.

Quart jar salmon eggs cured with Amerman Steelhead cure (approx 2#).