Thirsty Scent-Flo Beads

In recent years the use of Beads in fishing for Salmon & Steelhead in the Northwest has gained popularity.  Why? Because they have proven to been an extremely effective way to consistently put fish in the boat.

Thirsty Fishing Products have now come up with an entirely new strategy when it comes to fishing with beads.  The product is called the Thirsty Scent-Flo Beads. Like traditional beads Thirsty Scent-Flo Beads come in a rainbow of colors and many sizes, but per their name sake they combine the use of beads with the disbursement of scents.

Thirsty Scent-Flo Beads will soak up your favorite scent and then slowly disperse it over time.  Gone are the days when you have to grab for the scent bottle after each cast. These beads will retain their scent, cast after cast.

Another unique characteristic of the Scent-Flo beads is that you can control their buoyancy by the amount of scent you let them soak in.  Fish them dry for more buoyancy, fish them soaked with scent for less. It is as simple as that.

Thirsty Scent-Flo Beads are durable and attach tightly to your hook.   Not only can you use them side drifting and bobber dogging but you can also backbounce them.    Fishermen are getting creative and using them on their spinner bodies and kokanee rigs.

Pick up an assortment of Thirsty Scent-Flo Beads for your tackle box.  You will be glad that you did.