Shimano Stradic Reels

The Shimano Stradic series fishing reels are one of Shimano’s best selling reels because of their light weight, durability, being salt friendly and overall rugged build.  In there class these reels are a bit more expensive than some of their competitors but they tend to outperform and outlast the competitions reels.

I am personally still using a couple different Stradics that I purchased over 20 years ago.  Although some might consider my reels antique they have been my go to reel for all these years and it appears I will be getting a number of more good years out of them.  

We will get into the mechanics and overall build of these reels in a bit, but the thing I want to focus on first is their weight, or lack of.  Depending on what type of rod you pair them with they are light enough to float with the rod if dropped overboard. Nothing triggers a mood swing from despair to elation like dropping your rod off the side of the boat only to find it bobbing along side for an easy retrieval.  Most comparable reels will take the entire rod and reel down to the bottom never to be seen again.

The Shimano ci4+ Shimano Stradic is one of Shimano’s newest reels and is being used by both weekend fishermen and pros alike.   These reels work as well in saltwater as they do in freshwater and maintenance is quick and easy.

The drag on the Stradic ci4+ is more than enough and the pull is very smooth.  The drag is adjusted on the top of the spool like most spinning reels. Changing spools is also a breeze with just the push of a button.

If you are looking for a spinning reel that will hold up to the elements, can be used in both salt and fresh water  and be your fishing partner for many years to come then the Shimano Stradic is what you are looking for.